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Updated: July 2021

The Best Website Builders of 2021
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420 Reviews
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Network Solutions
Network Solutions
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Free Stock Images
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345 Reviews
  • Affordable Plans
  • Ideal For Beginners
  • Free SSL Certificate
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Affordable Plans
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306 Reviews
  • Easy To Use
  • SEO Tools Available
  • Selection of Templates
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266 Reviews
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  • Ecommerce Builder
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Choosing the right website builder

With so many choices available to everyday users like yourself picking the right website builder can be a very difficult task. has ranked the best website builders so that you do not waste time on researching which website builder is the perfect fit for your business. Our in depth review of each platform listed will guide you in getting started in building your website. Our top pick is suitable for over 95% of websites that most people visit this site will need. The top pick will cover hosting, domain names, plugins, templates, widgets, and integrations. Browse our list of the best website builders and we hope you will find the right one for your business or personal website.

Why use a website builder?

Getting online and having a presence online for your business requires several services. For a website to be live online you would need a domain name, hosting service, website designer, and website developer. For an individual that is not technically savvy getting all these in order to get a website online is not simple. This is where website builders can be the logical choice. The website builder will get you a domain name, host your domain and website, build your website, all without requiring any technical ability. On top of all the benefits, a website builder is the most affordable solution.

Advantages of using a website builder

Website builders can be an affordable and simple solution to get your website online. The two biggest advantages of using a website builder are SEO optimization, and Mobile-Friendliness. Most website builders have built in SEO tools so that when you build your website the search engines will grab your information and list them on the search engine results pages. The top website builders will also have mobile-friendly pages so that your website looks great on a mobile phone. I cannot tell you how important these features are in the success of your website. User experience is very important for websites and having a mobile friendly version is a necessity. Another advantage is that most website builders also provide access to professionals that you can hire that have experience in building websites using specific platforms.

Marketing your website

Once you have built your website you must start marketing. Marketing has many avenues these days and the top three avenues are – Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Advertising, and Social Media Ads. SEO can be implemented locally and nationally and requires your site to be content rich and have backlinks for relevancy. Paid advertising includes Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Bing Ads, and other paid ad websites. Paid advertising is the best and fastest way to get traffic to your website. Social Media ads can be a great business booster also and can provide a great way to get your brand out to the public.


The best feature that we love about website builders are the perfectly designed templates. The templates are designed for all types of professional small business websites and personal sites like blogs. Most of the website builders provide a wide selection of templates for photographers, agencies, contractors, consultants, graphic designers, and informational websites. Why use a template? Time saving, professionally designed, and simple to update.

Free vs Paid

One question we get asked often is why should I get a paid version of the website builder. The answer is simple but also complicated. Always get the paid version because of the simple fact that your website will be built on your own domain name. For example when using a website builder for free your website will be on the a url like this When you pay for a website builder your actual url will be The advantage of having your own domain under a paid option is simple fact that you can take your domain and website to any hosting company or other webite builder. Other advantages for using the paid models are the fact that SEO is very important for your own domain name.


Are website builders for everyone? Absolutely not, but a majority of websites can run on a website builder platform and be very successful. Website builders are not the only solution available but they do provide an affordable and easy way to get your website online.