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Page Last Updated: June 2021

Updated: June 2021

Wix is one of the most customizable Website Builders available. The ease of use and flexibility allows you to start a brand new website design from scratch. Wix also provides hundreds of professionally designed templates that are available to use. The templates are great for all kinds of websites in almost any industry. Templates range from blog designs to online shopping websites.

Best Features

Packages to fit any budget and industry, check out all the different plans they offer.


We love the Wix ADI feature, which allows you to get a site built fast by just answering a few questions. The Artificial Design Intelligence will build a site for you. You can choose the layout and make changes as you see fit.

Wix is easy to use for all level builders and developers. If you are brand new to building websites or you do not know any of the terminology don’t worry this website builder is just for you. I personally have years of design experience and provide design services for a select few clients and I use Wix from time to time and I love many of the features Wix has to offer.

Wix Review

Wix Logo Maker

The Wix Logo Maker gives you the option to hire a professional logo designer or simply design a logo yourself. When it comes to logo design I like to leave it to professionals because it does take some expertise and experience to design a logo that stands out and is memorable so that you can brand your business around it. If your website is a personal website and you simply do not mind designing a logo yourself you can do that also with the logo maker.

Whether you're just Starting Off or a Professional Website, Wix has you covered.


All Websites on Wix come with a fully optimized website for mobile users. You can also go further and customize the mobile use of website in more detail. With most people in the world with a smart phone or tablet having a mobile optimized website is a must. I am sure you have visited websites on your phone and when the website is not optimized for mobile devices your user experience is not that great.

Wix Review


You have all heard it and it stands for Search Engine Optimization. By far one of the most important factors in determining a websites success. SEO ranking ability has many factors to name a few from fast loading times, meta tags, link structure, and optimization. Wix has built in tools to help you build your website with SEO capabilities. Wix provides a SEO Whiz tool to help you get started. Wix also has advanced SEO tools for the more seasoned website developers.

Wix Review

Custom Domain Names

Custom domain names are available to register with select plans from Wix. My advice to you and everyone that visits Consumers Group is get a customized unique domain name. You do not want to build a business or even a personal website on a free url provided by a third party. When you register a domain you own it and you are free to host it wherever you want.

Wix Review


Wix website templates are available for certain plans and provide an assortment of professionally designed website templates. Visit their site and see some of the sample designs. They are very impressive and designed very well for optimal performance.

Wix Review

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